New Video of Luna

I’ve just uploaded a video of Luna to my YouTube Channel and thought I would post it on here.

At the start of the video she’s washing and digging in her new sand bath (using Chinchilla sand) and then goes onto becoming very greedy! I keep having to throw away food as I give her too much so I intended on only giving her a small amount (about a tablespoon) of her normal mix plus a few bits of veg and that. I failed today lol!

Enjoy the cuteness!


Luna the Lunatic

I’ve been looking through my photographs of Luna, sorting out the best ones so I thought I would post some here. Any excuse to share pics of my gorgeous girl!

And again…

I’m watching ER at the moment, I started on the first season last week, now I’m on the second season. I’ve watched it all before, probably twice or more. I have a love for rewatching programmes, certainly if there is a new season – I have to rewatch all of the previous episodes before I start on the new ones. It still suprises me how many things I dont remember or missed the first/second/thrid/one hundredth time I watched it. Maybe I just dont pay much attention?

I’m the same with books – if I know that there is a new book in a series I’ve read I will reread the older books. I must have read the Hollows series by Kim Harrison about six times by now. Still enjoy ever page! They have definately proved themselves to be worth the money thats for sure!

Do you rewatch programmes or reread books? I have to say, its a habit I love! I’ll admit that I will only do it where fiction is concerned, I cant think of anything non fiction that I have rewatched or reread time and time again.